I'm a British artist and sign painter living and working in France.
Using a mixture of different techniques including calligraphy, traditional fairground
silver-leaf decoration and graffiti, I create unique paintings, often on recycled wood.
Scroll down to see some of my work. If you want to support me, please buy something :-)

My on-line shop is now fully functional.
If you're interested in commissioning a sign, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Watch this!

France 5's travel documentary program 'Echappées Belles' filmed some of my work when the visited the Drôme.
The program was shown in April 2023 and seen by over a million people - you can catch it by clicking here.

Film-maker David Basso shot a mini documentary about my work - click here - to check it out.
A big shout out to David for his excellent work and also to Sons of Buddha for the music.

Jill Strong up a ladder painting a 4m high letters with the Sorry Graffiti team at Pont des Lones in 2021
Keep calm and work your handstyle painted in white on a turquoise background by Jill Strong
Multicoloured popart berlingot sweets painted by Jill Strong
Chill street art exhibition images by Jill Strong 2023
Ambered silver lettering on a skateboard by Jill Strong
Popart style 99 ice creams against a pale blue background by Jill Strong
Colourful, faux 3D lettering saying desire dedication discipline painted by Jill Strong
Graffiti lettering saying DJIME at Pont des Lones by Jill Strong, Sorry Graffiti jam 2022
Red wooden heart-shaped sign painted with the names Anouk & Josh by Jill Strong
In silver ink on black sugar paper a print of the Cornish words 'Dehweles' designed by Jill Strong
Lemmy special jack & whizz flavour stripey sweet painted by Jill Strong
Fan art painting of Deadpool saying 'Holy Shit Pickles' on a brightly coloured background by Jill Strong

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