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After many, many years of working as a graphic designer, I made the snap decision in March 2014 to learn to sign paint properly.
I'd been painting signs for the Gigors Electric concert venue for years, but always felt guilty because I used to cheat by using Adobe Illustrator to space the lettering.
Once I started to watch what real sign painters can do, the traditional way became the only way. I started with some books; my favourite is still a reprint of William Sutherland's 'The Art & Craft of Sign Writing' (1889) but another which is extremely useful - and funny - is Ivan Castro's 'The ABC of Custom Lettering' (2016).

I've come a long way since then, painting on recycled wood, often reanimating 'ghost signs' from the sides of the roads.

To see my most recent work, check out my Instagram which includes paid projects for customers, including shops, bars, cafés and performance artists.